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March 30, 2012

ATLANTA INTERIOR DESIGNER: Ways to pick paint colors...

I received a mini-magazine in the mail called Classic Modern Life which is a supplement to Traditional Home Magazine. I wanted to let you in on the article, 10 ways to pick paint colors, because I think there is some great advice here. (I have revised this article slightly to note what I think is important & good advice. I have also added my two cents where I felt it was needed).

 Tis the season to be painting....

Focus on the room's purpose. Some colors work perfectly for certain spaces but not for others. Match color to the room's purpose. Strong colors can make a kitchen feel cluttered, but white or pastels always work. For bedrooms, never use a dark shade - it's just not relaxing. For powder rooms, you can be fearless because they're such small spaces.

Start with favorite things. Use something you love as a jumping-off point to create a room's color scheme. For example, if you have a favorite cream-and-black toile chair, paint the walls cream and have ebony furniture & floors. If you have something really important, sentimental, or a painting you cannot live without -starting there for inspiration is almost always a good start because the chances that you tire of the color is slim.

Experiment with a new color. Paint is the most economical way to give a room a new look. When choosing a shade, go beyond what you think is right. Be dramatic. Aim for the WOW factor. If you think the color is too strong after you've painted, wait a bit. Fill the room with furniture and hang pictures. Once the room is put back together, the warmth of the objects may make the color work.

 Try small doses. If you're hesitant about a color, try painting just one wall and keeping the other walls white or a neutral shade, such as a pale beige. The color becomes the focal point, and if the room is large, it will help ground the space.

Accentuate the details. If you want to use a bright tone but are afraid of painting a whole wall that color, opt for painting the room white and putting the bright hue on doors, moldings, and baseboards. You can reinforce the color through accessories.

Look out the windows. When deciding on a paint palette, think about the views from your windows. You can visually expand a space by bringing the colors you see outside your home, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors and bringing the feeling of the outdoors in.

Match a color. One way to customize a room is to find a gorgeous flower, stone, or nearly any object at all, and having a color expert match it to a paint color for you. Using this method will give you a stunning color that no one else has.

Create Continuity. It's important that each room's color works with the next room. Paint hallways neutral shades then use fun hues for the rooms off of the hallway.

Hire a color expert.  Having a trained eye lead you in the right direction is a priceless service. I try to let people know that with my color consultation service I don't just walk in and say, "paint this room orange". If all you're wanting is a color name & number, than you're probably right when you think it's not for you. Most often with color you want to know WHY...With my service I offer advice to tie together the entire house including tile, cabinets, carpet, furniture, window treatments and most importantly, answer the WHY. I help them understand how colors will change the psychology of the space and how to  correctly relate their vision to those entering their home. Color truly changes everything.

For information on how to schedule your color consultation please email
(This is offered to local Atlanta residents or through our E-Services)

I love talking about COLOR! If you love color too visit this section of the blog :)

Happy Designing!

Rethink white. White walls give you more freedom to play with color in bedding, accent pillows, upholstered furniture, even art. There are hundreds of shades of white and they all have different undertones to them- from gray, to cream, and even bright undertones. White is not boring!

March 27, 2012

ATLANTA INTERIOR DESIGNER: Feng Shui: The Bedroom Episode...

I have had some specific requests for more Feng Shui tips so I decided to move into the bedroom!

Tips for creating a Fung Shui bedroom
  • No television, exercise equipment, or computer (unless there is a separate room or sitting area used for an office).
  • Open the windows often to fill the room with fresh air & push the stale oxygen out!
  • Use several levels of lighting including table lamps & overhead lighting.
  • Use appropriate & soothing colors. Some Fung Shui followers suggest using "skin-tone" colors in the bedroom which can range from an ivory, to pinky-beige, to chocolate brown & everything in between. See this post for help with paint colors.
  • No mirror directly across from the bed or where your body will lay at night.
  • Keep all the doors closed while you sleep. This way the energy can roam freely within the boundaries of your room all night and will strengthen your health and the health of your relationship (if two are sleeping in the same room).
  • Have the bed easily approachable from both sides.
  • Two bedside tables to create symmetry and balance.
  • Use a large area rug if you have a hard floor (hard wood, tile, etc.)
  • Avoid having the bed directly in line with the door.
  • Live plants always help improve the energy of a space.
  • Keep a clean & organized bedroom at all times so they energy of your room flows instead of stutters :)
Examples of Good Feng Shui in the bedroom

For more Fung Shui tips visit here.

Happy Chi!

March 26, 2012

ATLANTA INTERIOR DESIGNER: Best Exterior Color Combos...

I know...I've been MIA! My work life has been so busy & it's been hard to keep up with the blog the last couple of weeks (not complaining). I know it won't always be so busy so I have to count my lucky stars for the clients I have & keep on truckin' so to speak. Good things coming up this week! It will probably help me just to get some of these ideas out of my head to free up space :) So let's jump right in....

It's officially Spring! More time is being spent in the great outdoors and the focus is turning from the interior to the exterior of our homes. I came across a website and found some great exterior color combinations that I love & thought were great selections for nearly anyone. (FYI, the Secondary Body color is to be used on shutters, garage doors, etc)

Main Body: Sandstone Beige
Secondary Body: Khaki Brown
Trim: Arctic
 Main Body: Autumn Tan
         Secondary Body: Boothbay Blue
 Trim: Navajo Beige

Main Body: Cobblestone
Secondary Body: Monterey Taupe
Trim: Antique White

Main Body: Countrylane Red
Secondary Body: Monterey Taupe
Trim: Cobblestone

Main Body: Heathered Moss
Secondary Body: Khaki Brown
Trim: Navajo Beige

A few amazing exteriors for your inspiration :)

Happy Designing!

March 8, 2012



For all of you feminine girly-girls...this one is for you!
Island life looks good in pink...

Black Antiques, Mirrored Furniture, and X stools... check, check, and check!



Precious refinished antique!

Subtle & Sassy!

Gorgeous silk balloon shade!

It's making me blush...

Happy Designing!
Inspiration from Pinterest

March 7, 2012


This power color combo has been going strong now for a couple of years...and I have to say, gray & yellow, you've still got it! It's a really happy cheerful combo without being too feminine.

PS. I say lemon instead of yellow because it sounds more spring-time-zesty coming out of my mouth :)

Here are some of my favorite home decor items & rooms featured in gray & lemon!

ZGallerie Charlie Headboard

ZGallerie Laquer Vases in Lemon

Ikat Pillow by All Modern

Lemon barn door? Okay, you talked me in to it :)

Jill Rosenwald Links Vase

Makes me crave some spring time weather! Which here is GA is so close I can taste it!

Happy designing!